Tuesday, January 17, 2012

USCG Motor Lifeboat Invincible 52313, First Aid Kit, circa 1980's

For today's posting, I've pulled out an interesting bit of United States Coast Guard motor lifeboat history......... one of the original first aid kits from the Motor Lifeboat Invincible 52313.

I was stationed at USCG Station Grays Harbor in Westport, Washington, from 1984 to 1986.  I was a boat crewman on the Invincible and the other station boats, the 44' MLB's 44406 and 44372, the SRB 30617 and a 41' Utility Boat.  For additional photos and the back story about my time at USCG Station Grays Harbor, use this link to jump back to that earlier posting:


While working at the station, I saved this first aid kit from the trash bin when it was replaced.  This would have been sometime during 1984 - 1986.  The Invincible was built in 1960, so this could very possible be the first aid kit that came with the original gear that the boat was equipped with.  The kit is a USDA Forest Service first aid kit designed for use in vehicles or large crews of 20-25 persons.  At the time I was in the USCG, the Coast Guard was part of the US Department of Transportation.  When we ordered items, they came from the General Service Agency, and as such, we could get items that were designed for any of the US government departments.  This could make for some very unique and interesting items in USCG service....... like a Forest Service first aid kit on a Coast Guard motor lifeboat!  

There are only four 52 foot motor lifeboats in the entire world, and all of them are located on the Oregon and Washington coasts.......... some of the roughest surf conditions in the world!  Here is a link to a great page that gives the specifications and data on these amazing 52 foot boats:


Here is the photos album of this unique first aid kit:

Here are some photos of the MLB Invincible and her sisters:

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