Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hungarian M49/82 Camoflage Zeltbahn - Poncho, Updated Research Information

I was contacted by a former member of the Hungarian Army  a few days ago regarding my camo zeltbahn.  He served as a Regular Army Engineer until 1994.

He commented that the zelt was the first piece of equipment that was issued to the new conscripted soldier.  He said that as an Engineer, his unit had larger walled tents with aluminum frames whereas, the conscripted soldiers serving their compulsory time, were required to used the zeltbahn tents. I guess it paid to be a regular soldier in Hungary and not a conscripted one!

This veteran referred me to an amazing Hungarian website that documents the old Hungarian uniforms and equipment up to 1945.  In the center of each subject page, there is a window where you can select the translation language.  I know that my zelt dates to the late 1980's, but much of the photos and information on the site still applies.  I highly recommend this site! 



 Here are a few pictures from the site showing how the zeltbahns were rolled for storage and attachment to the field pack:

Additionally, here are the links to my original M49/82 Camoflage Zeltbahn blog postings:




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