Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hungarian M49/82 Zeltbahn - Poncho, Set up as a shelter

The sun popped out this morning and I took advantage of the beautiful Fall weather to set up the new Hungarian Zeltbahn, (shelter-poncho) in the yard. After I figured out the pole, stake, and rope set up, it went up quick and easy.

I don't have any idea what the original pole and stake set looked like, so I pulled out a couple of my 1930's vintage Swiss zelt pole and stake sets to use.  

I used a short piece of jute 3-strand rope and spliced an eye in each end to use as the center pole rope.  

I used the pole pieces from one Swiss set and the stakes from two (6).  This Hungarian zelt actually is designed to use a total of 10 stakes when it is set up as a half shelter!  I left out the "middle" stakes on each side, and it seemed pretty tight and stable without them.  I can't imagine that the Hungarian field soldiers were equipped with that many tent stakes when they were out in the field!  I'm sure that the extra stake loops could be used it the zelt was suspended between trees or if improvised stakes were made from tree branches........

Here are a few shots of the Hungarian zelt.......... ready for front-yard maneuvers!

I folded and rolled the zelt into a roll with the Swiss pole and stake stet inside.  It rolls up nice and looks great....... ready for the next set up!

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