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 Sharky's Yard Sale!

From time to time I have items that I have available for purchase.  These are normally items that I have extras of, or items that have been removed from the collection.  

This page is dedicated to showcasing those items.  I like to think of it as "Sharky's Yard Sale"!  If you see something that you are interested in purchasing, please send me an email and we can make arrangements.

I accept Pay Pal for all payments.  Items are shipped with a tracking number provided.  Shipping charges are the actual amount that it costs me to send the item to you.

Please check back to this page often to see what I have offered!

If you are looking for something specific, please contact me, as I may have that item in "the bunker", and it may be for sale, but not listed.

January 24, 2019:  I have a number of items listed for sale.  

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see each batch and the photos.  If you are interested, send me an email with your location and I will send you a shipping quote and a price total.  If it all looks good, I'll send you a PayPal invoice, and a tracking number after the package ships.

Swiss Mess Kits
$25.00 each (US Dollars)

I have a good assortment of Swiss Mess Kits for sale.  I picked these up on my last in-person visit to Swiss Link Surplus, down in Paradise, California.  Unfortunately Swiss Link burned to the ground in the Camp Fire last November, 2018.   These are very tough to find in the US, and I believe Swiss Link was one of the last places to have them.  The supply just got slimmer now that the warehouse burned down, along with the mess kit stash.
 Most of the kits are marked Sigg, with a few marked SE.  The dates all seem to be from the 1990's.  These are the largest of all the European styled mess kits........taller than the German ones, and much better made!

You can read more about them on my earlier blog posting: 

Israeli Grenade Pouches IDF
$3.00 each, or $10.00 for four (US Dollars) 
(I may be able to give a better price if you buy more of them!)

I have a very large pile of 1970's vintage, Israeli grenade pouches!  These are all in "never-issued" condition, but do have storage marks on them from the snaps.  Each one is marked and dated, but the stamped markings vary a bit from pouch to pouch.  These pouches are perfect for display or re-purposed for bushcrafting, etc.  The pouches are made from the same heavy canvas like the old British gear.  They all have the two "British wire belt loops" on the back, and a few have both the British loops, and a US style wire belt hanger.  Let me know if you have a preference.  

Bulgarian Canteen, WW2 or Early Post-War
$15.00 (US Dollars)

I am letting one of my Bulgarian canteens go to a new home.  For $15.00, that home could be yours! This canteen dates to the WW2 era or early post-war era, or possibly a combination of both.  The wool cover is in new condition, with one loose eyelet (at the top, as seen in the photo).  This is a great chance to add an authentic Eastern Front canteen to your display or collection!  You can read more about this canteen at my blog posting here:


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