Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home from "The Burn"!!!!

Had a fantastic time! This year was not what we expected....... as usual! This year was about the People and not the stuff. As usual, the Playa provided, even if it was not what we expected. We left early, before the Man burned on Saturday (about noon). The weather forecast was for 50 mph winds and white-out dust all day and night on Saturday. We mad it out just under the wire! The first white-outs were hitting as we made the final run out to the pavement. It sounds like the the burning of the Man and the Temple were both done in horrible white-out dust storms. Been there, done that before........ glad we opted for an early escape and a mini-vacation in the desert on the way home! More to follow...... more pictures to follow after I weed through the photo files (about 400) on the camera!