Research and Doccumentation Services

Research and Documentation Services

I have been collecting, researching and documenting historical artifacts for over 40 years.  My research, documentation work, and artifact photographs, have been published in various books and publications, both here in the United States, and internationally throughout the years.  I have provided a significant amount of photo documentation and research to historical museums in the United States and Europe as well.

I have provided individual research assistance and professional evaluation of artifacts on an "informal" basis throughout the years.  I am contacted numerous times a month by people worldwide seeking information, valuation, and documentation of their historical items.  The blog currently, has had over a million individual visitors since it was first published.

My blog, "Four Bees", has been a "go-to" source of information for hundreds of visitors, from around the world, on a daily basis.  The blog, and the time, money, and resources it takes to keep it going, are all out of pocket, provided at no charge, and without advertisements.

I am now offering my professional services to individuals seeking assistance researching, documenting, and evaluating historical items.  I have several levels of assistance that I am offering.  I think that you will find the services and fees, attractive and fair.

Please contact me by email for a free "internet consultation" so that we can discuss your request and research needs.

I accept payment through PayPal.


  • Informal evaluation (by email)                              $10.00 usd
  • Detailed historical research specific to item         $25.00 usd
  • Professional evaluation and valuation letter        $50.00 usd

  • More extensive historical research projects, with written documentation, priced on a case-by-case  basis.  Please email so that we can discuss your project.
  • Letters of valuation or evaluation, and  artifact documentation can be provided electronically , or by printed hard copy (or both).

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