Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1984 Trek 400...... Another Trek 400!!!!!!!!!

I just happened to check the Seattle Craig's List this afternoon..... A guy just down the road in Hadlock posted an ad wanting to trade a Trek 400 road bike for a mountain bike. Well we have been storing my old Specialized mountain bike, circa mid 1980's, and it needed a new home. I made a phone call and met the guy half an hour later............... the trade was made.
We are the proud new owners of a 1984 Trek 400 !!!! It's in pretty good shape, and will probably give up a few parts to go to Kristen's Trek 400, and then it'll most likely make the single speed transition and go up for sale.
A quick check on the Vintage Trek website confirmed the age and I even had a chance to check out an online scan of the original 1984 Trek catalog!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bars and Guard

Well it is safe to say that the yard sale season is here. Saturday was warm and sunny and the yard sale signs were plentiful. At one of the last sales of the day, I found these beauties............. a vintage aluminum 1/2 chain guard, an early bar-stem combo from the days of the very first mountain bikes, a set of little track-moustache bars with stem, and a set of aluminum bar ends. I'll probably end up putting the chain guard on the retro-Raleigh single speed and hold the two bar sets in reserve for future bike restorations.

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Bike! TREK 400

Sweet Pea has a new bike!

Awhile back, one of the guys I work with told me that he had an older road bike that he hadn't ridden in years and was going to get rid of it. He asked if I wanted it and, of course, I said "Yes". He brought it into work today and and "handed over the keys" to me.

It's great! It is a 1991 Trek 400 road bike. He bought it new for around $400.00 and rode it around in North Carolina for a couple of years, mostly around town, and then parked it until now. The frame and everything on it, including the seat and tires are original and in great shape, not even any real signs of wear on the original brake pads....... not a scratch or nick on the frame! I changed out the rear shifter cable and housing, gave it a quick tune-up and service and it was back on the road. Sweet Pea loves it! We took an afternoon ride across town, rode the back roads, some trail, hills, etc. and it performed wonderfully. We ditched the aero bars and will add a second set of brake levers on the upper bar, and add a rear rack, but other than that, it's as-is and perfect.

It's a good day when the sun is shining, a new bike is added to the family, AND you get a great bike ride in :)

April showers..........Ummmm, SNOW ????????

Saturday morning......... April 19th...........snow, SNOW??????? That's right snow! Saturday morning was "Wooden Boat Foundation Marine Swap Meet" morning, and we were greeted with a pretty good dusting of snow. The snow didn't keep the die hard NW boaters away though. Had a great time, sold tons, came home with a few new things, but mostly thinned out my ever growing supply of old parts that need a new home, but more on that next post. More snow on Sunday............. Hey, where did Spring go?????

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Work Begins!

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!!! We headed out to the boat in the afternoon after a very successful morning of yard sales and spent a full half-day on the boat. The Newport wood stove is installed in the pilot house, the old propane galley range is pulled out, and the work bench top in the foc'sle has been pulled as well. There is still trim to install on the Newport stove and a little wood work to finish on the pedestal it sits on, but it is usable as it sits right now. Next trip out, we'll fire it up and see how it works!

Sweet Pea rowed out in the dingy and gave the hull a good scrub along the waterline................
All in all, a great day in the sun and a great day on the bay :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Name Board & Moorage Permit

It must be Spring! We headed out to Fort Worden State Park and bought our new moorage permit on Sunday. Now we're legal and ready to start using the dock out at Mystery Bay. I made up a name board to display our moorage sticker as opposed to affixing it to the transom like the official directions direct you to. It is made out of a thin sheet of Plexiglas so when we display it in the pilot house window it will create the illusion of it being affixed to the actual glass. We can move it from one side of the boat to the other depending on which side is against the dock. It's all of the little details that add up.........