Monday, April 21, 2008

New Bike! TREK 400

Sweet Pea has a new bike!

Awhile back, one of the guys I work with told me that he had an older road bike that he hadn't ridden in years and was going to get rid of it. He asked if I wanted it and, of course, I said "Yes". He brought it into work today and and "handed over the keys" to me.

It's great! It is a 1991 Trek 400 road bike. He bought it new for around $400.00 and rode it around in North Carolina for a couple of years, mostly around town, and then parked it until now. The frame and everything on it, including the seat and tires are original and in great shape, not even any real signs of wear on the original brake pads....... not a scratch or nick on the frame! I changed out the rear shifter cable and housing, gave it a quick tune-up and service and it was back on the road. Sweet Pea loves it! We took an afternoon ride across town, rode the back roads, some trail, hills, etc. and it performed wonderfully. We ditched the aero bars and will add a second set of brake levers on the upper bar, and add a rear rack, but other than that, it's as-is and perfect.

It's a good day when the sun is shining, a new bike is added to the family, AND you get a great bike ride in :)

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