Friday, November 22, 2019

Original Swedish Fältspade KLAS, Short Light Attack Shovel, Three Crown Marked, M58, Swedish Army Folding Shovel

Back in August of 2017, I picked up a Mil-Tec replica, Swedish Fältspade KLAS, Short Light Attack Shovel.  I had been looking for an original for years, and had basically figured that I would be lucky to find an original one these days, and a replica would have to do.  Well, I finally spotted one, and picked it up at a very fair and attractive price.  So, now the Swedish shovel collection is "complete", and I have a "replica" that I can use in the field.

You can read about the Mil-Tec replica KLAS shovel in my previous blog page, here:

These Swedish folding shovels are the best folders I have ever encountered, and I do mean ever.  These shovels are all steel, and built to the highest Swedish standards.  

From what I understand, these shovels were surplussed in the late 1990's and early 2000's.  A small batch of them showed up here in the USA, and were basically sold out in "hours".  The supply in Europe has been pretty dried up for years as well.  If you spot an original, grab it (if the price is right), and you won't be disappointed!

They are not lightweight though!  I tossed this shovel on my scale and it weighed in at 1 kg, 33g, (2lb, 15.1 oz.).  These shovels were meant to do real work, not just be an accessory on the belt.   These folding KLAS,  light attack shovels, were designed to replace the old, straight handle spades that saw service from the early 1900's all the way through WW2.  I believe these new folders were introduced around 1958, or so.  You can read about the old style, straight handle shovels here:

This shovel has the Swedish 3-Crowns stamp, on the back of the blade, in between the rivets.  You won't find this stamp on the replicas, so keep an eye out for that.

The paint is the later, post-war, flat OD green, and this shovel shows evidence of at least one repainting during its life.

The rivets holding the blade to the pivot mount are well rounded on both sides, and are two sizes. 

As with nearly all Swedish gear, the shovel is undated.  I guess the 3-Crowns speak for themselves.......

There are two holes in either corner, or the top of the blade.  These for attaching the optional, aluminum, snow shovel blade.  

You can read about the snow shovel here:

Take a look at the links I provided for my previous blog entries, for the "full story" on these shovels.  After this blog posting, I'll follow-up with a side-by-side comparison between the Mil-Tec Replica and the Original Fältspade KLAS.

Here's a link to the comparison page:

Let's take a closer look and this "battle axe" of a shovel.