Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bundesgrenzschutz P38 Pistolentasche , BGS Pistol Holster for the P38

For today's posting, I'll be adding to my last post, with the addition of another piece of Bundesgrenzschutz leather gear......... a leather holster for the standard, 9mm,  BGS P38 pistol.

The P38 Pistol was the standard issue side arm for the German Army during WW2, and that was continued after the war with the Bundesgrenzschutz.  The BGS carried the P38 until the 1970's, when the Sig 210 pistol was adopted.  The Bundeswehr also used a version of the P38 until the 1990's (the P1 pistol...... a P38 with an alloy frame).

My holster is in unissued condition and is marked with a 1967 date on the back.  The P38 holster was carried on the standard black leather duty belt (see my posting prior to this).  The holster was carried in traditional German fashion, reversed, on the cross-draw side.

These holsters are made of heavy leather and have a unique, riveted strap system inside to keep the flap in position and to give a slot for the belt to slide through.  There is an integrated, extra magazine pouch sewn to the main holster.  The pictures explain it best.

Here is the photo album:

Here are a few historic photos of BGS troopers carrying their P38's in the leather holsters:

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