Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Ride in Port Townsend!

Winter is definitely here in Port Townsend!  We had a solid 4+ inches of new snow on the ground last night and this morning, with a forecast of the biggest snow storm since 1985 looming on the horizon.......... the forecasters are calling for up to 18 inches of new snow tonight and tomorrow!  Now that is REAL winter weather!

I took advantage of the new snow to take the Giant Trance 2 bike out for my work commute.  It was an amazing ride through the woods by headlight and and then back home this afternoon by daylight......... there is nothing like cutting the first tracks in the new fallen snow.  It could get interesting tomorrow after everything re-freezes and we get another foot or more of snow dumped on top................

Anyway, here is my "virtual commute" home this afternoon.  Enjoy the snowy beauty of Port Townsend from your very own cozy and warm home:

Looking at the Larry Scott Trail, with Port Townsend in the background.
The Larry Scott Trail...... our local "Rail-Trail".
Port Townsend in the background.
Looking across the bay at the Indian Island Bridge.
Port Townsend Paper Mill.


DW said...

I thought about riding my bike in the snow BUT I did that in the 50s.
Your boke is much better suited to it.
Thanks for sharing the view.

DW said...

Era or a BIKE, you don't have a boke do you?