Friday, January 13, 2012

US, Cold Weather Trousers, Waterproof Gore-Tex, and US Mess Kit

Yesterday I had to amuse myself for a few hours while Sweet Pea gave violin lessons at the house, so I decided to make the "Thrift Store Rounds".  My first stop was the Goodwill Store...............

I picked up a brand new, never issued, pair of US Military, cold weather over pants and a stainless steel, US mess kit.  And the best part was the price: $10.00 for all of it!  Here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I'm sure I'll find a few uses for them............................

The pants are US Woodland Camo pattern, and are made to be worn as the outer layer of the US extreme cold weather system BDU's.  They are constructed out of three layer nylon and Gore-Tex, with a bungee draw-string waist adjuster and zipper legs with Velcro tab cuffs.  The butt of the pants are double layered and all of the seams are tape sealed with Gore-Tex seam tape.  This pair even had the inventory bar-code tag still attached!  According to the contract number on the label, these pants were manufactured under a 1996 contract.

The mess kit is all stainless steel construction, and is un-dated.  This kit dates to the 1970's or later.  Sweet Pea claimed this treasure for herself and will packing it into her survival and camping bag. (not bad for the .99 cent price !!!!)

Here are the photos of the  Cold Weather pants:

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