Friday, January 6, 2012

US Marine Corps MARPAT Camo Shirt (MCCU), USMC Marine Pattern Camo

This last weekend we headed over to Seattle to visit all of the "kids", and while we were there, N8 hooked me up with a United States Marine Corps MARPAT camo shirt!  For those of you that don't know about the new USMC camouflage pattern called MARPAT, which is short for Marine Pattern, check out this link to a wiki page that tells all about it:

The USMC has two variations of the MARPAT camo, woodland and desert.  My shirt is the woodland type.  The new MARPAT camo is used for the new Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform, known by the USMC acronym of MCCU.  The USMC, MCCU uniforms do not use zippers or Velcro patch pads like the US Army BDU's do.  They also have a very cool, "Reversed Button" on the cuff that keeps the shirt from snagging on brush. 

Here is a link to a wiki page that tells all about this style of combat uniform:

The USMC developed this pattern in the early 2000's, and by 2004, it was fully integrated into the Corps.  The interesting thing about this new camo is the fact that the Marine Corps actually patented it!  Only authorized manufacturers are licensed to produce it and the authentic pattern has miniature USMC anchor and globe emblems embedded in the digital pattern every 18 inches!  Also, only the authentic garments have the embroidered anchor and globe emblem on the pocket.  Another interesting feature of the authentic USMC issued shirts, it the "civilian styled label" below the inside collar.  The regular military label is located down by the shirt tails, inside. My shirt has all of these features.

My shirt was issued and worn by a US Marine and has his name written inside the collar.  It is the "real deal"!  Here is the photo album of this USMC, MARPAT, MCCU shirt:

Now to finish things off, here are some photos of Marines wearing this pattern in the field:

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