Monday, January 23, 2012

Bundesgrenzschutz Photos 1963 and 1952, Wenland Archive

While doing my usual internet searching for more photos and information about the early Bundesgrenzschutz, I stumbled on this German archive of photos from the Wenland region of Southern Germany.  The online photo database is HUGE and contains an enormous amount of photos that cover everything from daily life, to fire departments, Zoll, and other agencies.  You can search the site, or just start at the beginning and start "thumbing through" the piles of photos!

Here is a link to the photo database:

Here are a few photos dated 1952 or 1953, and a few from a  Bundesgrenzschutz photo album dated 1963 that were scanned into the Wenland Archive.  The first photos is quite interesting.  It is dated 1952 or 1953, and if you look closely, you will see that the trooper on the right is wearing a non-regulation neck scarf!  Interesting stuff........... enjoy:

Here are some of the photos out of the scanned 1963 BGS album:

If you look closely at the unit designator emblem on the front fender of the BGS Truck, you will see that it is the letter "A" in a triangle.  This signifies that the truck is assigned to the education department.  This is the same emblem that I have on my BGS bicycle, except mine has the red background.

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M55q said...

If I am not mistaking, the A stand for "Ausbildung". It is the German word for "training".
I love these old pictures. The pictures from the 1960 looks as if they were taken during the 1940s.