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USCG Station Grays Harbor 1984 - 1986, My Service Photos

For my last posting of 2011, I'll be posting some photos from my time when I was stationed at US Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor.  This station is located in Westport, Washington, on the open Pacific Coast, near the mouth of Grays Harbor.  All of the photos in this posting are from my personal service photos.

While I was stationed there, we had two 44 foot motor lifeboats, one 52 foot motorlifeboat, one 41 foot utility boat, and one 30 foot surf rescue boat.  Since then, the 44 foot lifeboats have been decommissioned and replaced, the 30 foot surf boats as well.  The 52 footer still remains.  I arrived in 1984 as a Seaman Apprentice, E-2, and left in 1986 as a Seaman, E-3.  I stood radio watches, served as a lifeboat crewman and rescue swimmer, and did the usual boat maintenance duties.  I was assigned as the boat keeper to the 30 foot SRB, 30617.  I was in charge of keeping the boat ready for duty at any moment and making sure that the engine was run daily and that the equipment was in top shape and stowed correctly.

Here are couple of shots that were taken on board one of the 44 footers while out on a training cruise in the harbor, just prior to when I left in 1986.  I am in the first picture.  The rest of the crew is in the second.

Station Grays Harbor has some of the most challenging and roughest surf in the United States. It is because of this that they still have one of only four 52 foot lifeboats, the MLB Invincible.  All of the 52 footers are located at lifeboat station on the Oregon and Washington coasts.  I have been out in enormous surf, in the 30 foot range on these lifeboats, even rolling one 44 footer several times in the surf off the North Jetty!  These boats were tough!

44 MLB in surf.
52 MLB Invincible in surf near jetty.

Here are some various shots of some of the boats at the station:

MLB 44372
SRB 30617
SRB 30617 in hoist.

One of the routine training missions that we did each week, was "Helo Ops".  We would go out on the harbor and practice hoisting with the Sikorsky H3 helicopters from USCG Air Station Astoria...... sometimes at night, and sometimes during the day.  These following photos are of a couple of those "Helo Ops" training days.  These first shots are of the 52 foot MLB Invincible and the 30 foot SRB 30617 and one of the H3 helicopters.

52 MLB Invincible with SRB 30617.

These next shots are of some "Helo Ops" with the station's 41 foot Utility Boat.  The 41 footer was only in the water during the summer months when the water was calmer.

Here are a few shots of me next to the 52 foot MLB Invincible while it was in the boat shed for maintenance.

An for the last shots, here are a few taken from one of the life boats looking back at the station and at the Westport Marina.

Looking at the station and docks from inside the marina.
Looking at the station covered moorage.

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