Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swedish Mauser Carbine M/94-14, Model 1894-14, Carl Gustafs 1929

There has been a lot of interest lately in the old Swedish Mauser Carbines, Model 1894-14's (M/94-14).  The older blog posting of my own M/94-14 carbine that I restored, has been accessed numerous times each day, so I thought I'd revisit that carbine, and post a more complete album of photos and include some additional information on it.

Right off, I would recommend the following website for information, photos and details of all of the Swedish Mausers.  It is by far the most complete and informative web site out there on Swedish Mausers:

Before we get into the details of my carbine, here is a link to the original posting that tells the "back story" about how I came to own it:

Here are some of the details on my carbine:  

My carbine was made in 1929 by the Carl Gustafs armory, which makes it one of the rarer Swedish Carbines out there.  Nearly all of the carbines were made in the late 1890's through WW1.  There are only a few that seem to have been made in 1929 and then another small number in the 1930's.  There is a great year survey that you can review on the "dutchman" site link above.

The barrel extends out past the muzzle cap on my carbine, by about 1/2  inch.  The originals stopped at the cap and did not extend further.  Prior to 1968, the US federal firearms law specified a legal barrel length that the Swedish Mauser Carbine fell below.  The importers were forced to attach an extender of about 1/2 inch to the barrel to make them legal in the US.  These extenders were attached in various manners, some amazingly well done, and some just welded to the muzzle cap and barrel (horribly done!).  The one on mine was very professionally applied and you would never know it was not an original part of the barrel if you did not know about the modification.  Here is a link describing the National Firearms Act of 1934 (USA) and the details of the law:  wikipedia: National_Firearms_Act

The last three digits of the serial number are stamped on nearly every one of the small parts of the carbine, including the inside of the stock.  There are Swedish crown proof stamps on the parts that are too small for the numbers.  There is a large "H" on the end of the bayonet pin-lug, on the end of the muzzle cap.  As far as I can tell, no one has figured out what this "H" stood for.  The "BH" that is stamped in front of the serial number are the initials of the inspector:

 B.H. - Sten Harald Bertel Hard af Segerstad
1 Oct 1917 - 31 Sept 1920
7 Apr 1926 - 10 Jan 1934

The Identification Disc on the butt stock of the carbine indicates it was last issued to the 27th Infantry and is carbine number 766.  The 27th Infantry were a mounted bicycle unit.

Without further delay, here are the photos of this Carbine.  I hope these photos help someone with their research....... The backdrop for the photos is an original Swedish shelter-poncho from the 1960's.


Steve Fortmann said...

I am looking for a bayonet for a 1894-14 carbine. Any ideas?

Sharky said...

Unless you get lucky enough to stumble across one of these at a yard sale or gun show, eBay is your best bet. I'll be posting a new blog entry on my M94-14 bayonet in the coming days......... stay tuned.

Milford Marine said...

What a beautiful piece of history Sharky. I am going to assume the peep sight and brass dot on the front sight were added after production? I've never seen those before.

Sharky said...

As far as I know, the rear sight and the front sight are exactly as they were received from the importer. With that in mind, I would assume that it was set up this way while still in service with the Swedish Army. There are quite a number of different target and diopter sights used on these rifles.
The best sight for Swedish Mauser research is at this site:

You will find a topic in the index marked "Target Sights".

Gary Brashears said...

I have a 1901 mod 1894 in near mint condition stock was shortened to the ring years ago it has a walnut stock anyone have any ideal what its worth e-mail me at

This Guy said...

Mine has the exact same rear sight