Tuesday, December 27, 2011

US Navy Foul Weather Hat, WW2, Helmet, Winter, N-1

For today's posting I'll be showing off a bit of WW2 naval history........... a "Helmet, Winter, N-1", foul weather hat that that our son N8 gave me while he was home for Christmas.

These hats were designed to be worn with the USN N-1 Foul Weather Deck Jackets.  The first style of these hats (and jackets) were made in navy blue, without a visor.  Sometime around 1943, the US Navy changed the color to Olive Drab.  The Navy was afraid that the Navy sailors who would be landing with the Army during the various European landings, would be mistaken as German Soldiers, by accident, if they were wearing blue.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few of these vintage hats that are still floating around.  This particular hat is in new and unissued condition, size 7 1/4, Olive Drab canvas, and lined in wool "blanket material".

Without further delay, here is the album............

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