Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Norma 6.5 x 55 mm Ammunition and Boxes, circa 1960's, for the Swedish Mauser

Today I have some vintage Norma ammunition boxes to showcase.......

When I inherited my M94-14 Swedish Mauser Carbine, I also inherited three boxes of Norma ammunition to go along with it.  I believe that these boxes of ammo date to the 1960's and were most likely purchased around the same time the Mauser was purchased.

The three boxes are each a different bullet and load style, all in the classic 6.5 x 55 mm Swedish Mauser caliber.

One interesting thing to note on these boxes is the original price tags and prices.  These boxes were purchased at G.I. Joe's and Hank's. I have no idea about the "Hanks" store, but the old G.I. Joe's stores were fantastic!

G.I Joe's was a fantastic military surplus and sporting goods store chain in Oregon, Idaho and Washington.  They were based in Wilsonville, Oregon, which is where my Grandfather lived and most likely where this ammo and the original Swedish Mauser Rifle was purchased.  G.I Joe's was started in 1952.  They went bankrupt and out of business in 2009.

wikipedia: G.I. Joes

I can remember going into the the old G.I. Joe's stores as a kid, and seeing barrels and bins filled with all kinds of great military surplus, and all of it cheap!  Those were the days of the REAL surplus stores!  They also had a great firearms department and I'm pretty sure that is where my father purchased the M94-14 Swedish Mauser Carbine.  model-1894-swedish-mauser-carbine-restoration

Here is a link to my most recent blog posting on my Swedish M/94-14 Carbine that has a very detailed and complete photo album of the rifle:
Here are some shots of the backs of the boxes.  Great vintage graphics!

On the side of one of the boxes there is a printed warning...........

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