Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saladin Armored Car 6x6, No. 67 Lesney - Matchbox

This morning I've dug into the toy box of my youth to bring an interesting bit here to the blog.  This great little Matchbox Car is a "Saladin 6x6" armored car that was made by Lesney sometime around 1967.  I've had it for years and years........... when I got it, it was used, probably back in the late 60's or early 70's.  New, this car had a full length barrel, but like many of these little Saladin's, that barrel snapped off pretty quick in little hands and mock battles.

Lesney was the original company that made the original "Matchbox" cars back in 1953.  They later went on to change the company name to Matchbox and then sold to Mattel Toys.  This little Saladin Armored Car is number 67 out of the original 1-75 numbered car series.

Lesney made a grouping of military vehicles in this original series........... I only have the little Saladin.  

Here's the photo album of the little Saladin in my collection:

The original Saladin armored cars first entered service with Brittan in 1958.  There are still a few of them in service around world, but not many............ Saladin Armored Car History and Specifications
Here are a few historic pictures of the real-deal, the original Saladins:

The Saladin Armored Cars were also used with the Bundesgrenzschutz.  There are not many photos of them in BGS service, but I have located a few that are included here:

And here is a copy of the original 1967 Lesney - "Matchbox" catalog:


Mr Thompson said...

I dug a Saladin up while metal detecting in Sydney, Australia. Saw your site while researching. Apparently issued 1959 Thanks
If you are interested:

Sharky said...

Congratulations on the metal detecting score! You don't see the old "Saladin N0.67" cars very often.......anywhere!

Mr Thompson said...

Cheers, mate!

Mar iano said...

Incredible models really

Greetings from Argentina!!!