Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guns Magazine, August 1959, Swedish Mauser M94 Carbine & Bayonet Ads

Today's posting is a blast from the past........... Guns Magazine, August 1959, to be exact.  I ran across this copy of Guns Magazine in my travels recently, and after thumbing through the pages, I just knew I had to share it with everyone here.......

The most amazing thing about this issue is the advertisements.  The full page ads selling surplus military firearms harkens back to the days when the classic wartime rifles and handguns were sold by the truckload and at bargain basement prices!  I have a particular soft spot for M94 Swedish Mauser Carbines and Government .45 autos, and these ads do not disappoint................ back in 1959 you could buy a M94 Mauser for $29.95 and a bayonet to go with it for $4.50 !!!!!!!  Today the bayonets go for around $100.00 alone!  (In fact I'm still looking for one of these M94 bayonets at a price that won't break the bank).  A genuine US Military surplus .45 auto for about $35.00.................

Note & Reminder:  You can click on the photos to get a larger view.

For those of you who may have missed the previous posting of my M94 Swedish Mauser Carbine, here is a link to that blog page and a more recent page that has a detailed photo album of the carbine:



In addition to the Swedish Mauser and .45 autos, be sure to check out the prices on the Garands, Springfields, Enfields, Lugers, Broomhandle Mausers, and even some old Rolling Block rifles!  Gun collectors can only dream of prices and selections like this............ and dream they must, because those good old days are long gone!

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