Monday, November 14, 2011

Bundesgrenzschutz Jacket, Patch Repair - Replacement

Yesterday was project day around our house........ I pulled out the new BGS Field Jacket and removed the shoulder patches so that I could sew on a pair that matched the old stitch pattern.   The two patches that came with the jacket had different background green colorings.   I traded out the Federal Eagle patch for one that matched the small arch.  The end result turned out great.

Here is a photo of the shoulder flap patches before removal.  The patches that came with the jacket had been sewn on by hand with small stitches....... incorrect.

After the patches were removed, I found the remnants of the two original patches that had been sewn over when the de-militarization slashes were repaired.  A very interesting find!  I felt a bit like an archeologist......  

I lined up and sewed on the two new patches as close as possible to the original patch placement.  The results look great!  They are not an exact match to the original stitch outline, but pretty darn close.

I also added a pair of original BGS shoulder boards.  Now I have a complete Bundesgrenzschuts Einsatzjacke. ready for an outing on the BGS bicycle.

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