Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1950 Winchester Model 70, .270 cal. Rifle with Weaver K4 Scope, USMC Sniper Rifle

For today's posting I'll be showcasing a vintage rifle of mine.  It is a 1950, Winchester, Model 70, .270 cal., otherwise commonly known as a pre-64 Winchester.

This rifle was given to me by my Great Grandfather, who had inherited it from his older brother, my Great Uncle.  The rifle was my Great Uncle's hunting rifle for many years and I hunted with it when I was younger.  The rifle has a Weaver K4 scope with a Weaver Pivot Mount scope mount.  Both the rifle and scope are considered to many to be two of the finest of their time, and in the case of the rifle, one of the finest bolt action rifles ever made, "The Rifleman's Rifle!". 

The original Winchester Mod. 70 was manufactured from 1936 to 1963.  In 1964 Winchester "updated" the rifle and marketed the "new" Mod. 70 rifles.  The new model was never really accepted and the "pre-64" Mod. 70's instantly became more valuable!  The Model 70 stands alongside the Mauser 98K as one of the two best bolt action rifles ever produced.  In fact, the Mod. 70 Winchester's action is based on the original Mauser action.

Here is a website that gives the complete history of this rifle and some of the more technical specifications:


The Winchester Mod. 70 rifle, in 30-06 caliber,  was used by the US Marine Corps as a sniper rifle in WW2, the Korean War and even in the Vietnam War.  The rifle was an "off-the-shelf" model of the Mod. 70 with a scope and leather swivel mount sling.......... The same rifle I have, only in a larger caliber!  

Here are a couple of links to pages that have a very good run down on the Mod. 70's used by the USMC as a sniper rifle and on USMC Scout-Sniper Carlos Hathcock (Vietnam War).  Carlos Hathcock was one of the most successful and accurate of all the US snipers, of all time.  One of his main sniper rifles was the Winchester Model 70 rifle.

www.americanrifleman.org military-winchester-model-70


The scope that is on my rifle is a Weaver K4 that is mounted on Weaver Pivot Mounts.  The K4 scope was manufactured from 1947 to 1984.  It was the first scope to use the 1 inch optic tube, which is now the industry standard.  The scope most likely dates to 1950 as well, making it one of the early models.  This scope is very similar to the German sniper scopes of WW2 and is most likely based on those early models.

Here are a couple of great links to pages giving the history and specifications on this classic scope:


www.americanrifleman.org 80-years-weaver-scopes/

Without further delay, here is an album of photos of my 1950 Winchester Model 70, .270 cal. :


plantmanrz said...

I have the same series 270 as you, not sure about the year and belonged to my Father. Scope is Lyman 4X with Redfield Mount. Serial # on gun is 203852. Wood stock apears identical to yours. I wonder about the value? E-mail 2zwink4rj@comcast.net. I live in Seattle area. Thank you for your blog I enjoyed reading it. Robert Zwink

Gert said...
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