Saturday, November 26, 2011

USS Mount Whitney LCC / JCC 20, U.S. Navy Mess Deck Cup / Mug

Today I've opened up the galley cupboard on our vintage boat, the M/V Bernadine, to pull out a vintage USN Mess Deck cup to showcase.  The cup is from the USS Mount Whitney, LCC / JCC 20.

This cup is one of the classic shipboard coffee mugs that are found on the mess decks of our U.S Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships around the world.  These cups are very heavy.  They hold the heat well and resist sliding and tipping while a ship rolls.  They feel great in the hand, especially on a cold marine day, with the sea wind in your face.

The USS Mount Whitney is the flagship for the U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet and also the Joint Command and Control ship for the Commander Joint Command Libson and Commander Striking Force NATO.

Wikipedia: USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 

The USS Mount Whitney is considered by many to be the most sophisticated Command and Control, Intelligence ship ever built.  She is the heart of the fleet command. Here are a couple of shots of the actual USS Mount Whitney underway:

With all that said, here are some additional photos of this unique coffee mug......... usually found in the Galley of the M/V Bernadine........

Here are a few shots of our 1931 cruiser, the M/V Bernadine:

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