Monday, February 4, 2008

New Sardine!

Well we finished up the Navigator Stove deal over the weekend! We've picked up our new Sardine stove, gave it a good coat of black stove polish and tucked it in for a bit of a nap before instalation in the Bernadine. The stove is beautiful, complete, and even includes a copy of the original paperwork.
I'm still amazed at how everything keeps falling into place on this whole stove manifestation thing. I ended up selling an old claw-foot bathtub that I've had banging around for a couple of years that I was given for free. Too good to get rid of, but not anything I really need. Well I saw an ad for someone who was looking for a claw-foot tub to buy, while I was looking for the stoves. She came over, bought the tub, and brought our friend Walt over to help load it. I told Walt about the whole stove deal and told him I would be removing the Dickinson Alaska oil heater from the boat and selling it. He said he just happened to be looking for that exact heater and would be happy to make a deal on it when I pulled it out!!!!!! Oh yes, I had also loaned him the claw-foot tub a year ago to use in a studio apartment he was renting! Small world............ when you're manifesting!
Here's a picture of our second "baby".

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