Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vintage Navy Anchors.......A new Uniform!

I finally tracked down a second collar tab anchor for my captain's jacket. The first anchor I found on eBay and snapped it right up.......... but I was short one anchor. A second anchor that matched my first one came up on eBay recently, but the price was WAY too high. I had asked a question about it and then let it go. It didn't sell. A few days later, the seller contacted me through my email and said if I wanted it, to make an offer (good thing I asked a question, they had my email from it!). I made a low offer and they came back with a low compromise, but one more acceptable to them.................
Long story short, this anchor was the left anchor to match my right, and it showed up in the mail yesterday.

These anchors are quite old, with very old "top hat" back clutches. I'm not certain as to how old they are, or from what service they were used in, but the recent seller said they were USN Reserve collar tabs.

So now, my Captain's jacket is finished out. You can't run a vintage yacht without a captain's jacket, can you? :)

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DW said...

Were can I find a size 44 Captains Jacket ?