Saturday, February 16, 2008

Now we're cookin' with gas...........make that alcohol!

The galley rethink-remodel is right on track! I bought an older Homestrand, model 205A, marine alcohol stove. The seller had installed new gaskets, a new pump, etc., basically everything that could go out on one of these stoves, just before listing it. I ended up getting it for a fantastic price.
This stove was the exact make and model I have been looking for. It has a great art deco design that fits in nicely with the 1930's vintage of our boat and it burns alcohol, which is about the safest fuel you can burn in a boat stove. The main housing is formed aluminum and even has sea-rails. We'll keep in under the counter and pull it out when it's time to cook. I fired it up last night, and it burns great! And the hunt for the perfect parts continues.....................

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