Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New life for a fishing float.

I've had an old aluminum fishing float that I beach combed off of the beach many years ago out at Ocean Shores, banging around the yard, just waiting for some important mission. Well that metal float's calling has arrived. It's now been commissioned as a anchor trip-line float for the Bernadine.
I used the same 1930's, art deco printing that I've used on the boat and life ring, for the boat name and registration number that is painted around the middle.

A light chain will be shackled on to the two float eyes and then this will be connected to a trip line that goes down to the anchor. This will serve as a visual locater for where the anchor is on the bottom and as a release to pull the anchor free if it gets hung up on the bottom.

Now it's back to Sharky's workshop...................

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