Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Treasure Trove of Charts!

This last weekend I read a posting on our local FreeCycle.org message board that someone was offering up a bunch of Pacific Northwest nautical charts. I gave them a call, and they said they were mine, and off I headed for Marristone Island to pick them up! Well, somehow I forgot the first two digits of their four digit street address.......... a quick stop at Fort Flagler State Park to call home, and with the complete address now in hand, off I headed again!

I had a great conversation with the woman offering the charts. The funny thing is, she looks right out their living room window at our boat in Mystery Bay...... small world.
She apologized and told me that the charts were actually of the Great Lakes and East Coast, but she was pretty sure that there was a big roll of NW charts still in the shed, and when she found them, she'd give me a call. She said they had belonged to her father.

Off I went with several, large rolls of old charts. At home, I unrolled the "treasure" to see what I had........... Numerous charts that date to the 1940's, that were published by the U.S. War Department! I haven't looked through them all, but it looks like there is a complete set of the Great Lakes and of the NY / Maryland area.

Love FreeCycle.org !!!! My fingers are crossed that she finds the NW charts, they'd fit perfect on the Bernadine!

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