Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seattle Bike Swap Success!

Well the Seattle Bike Swap has come and gone.......... until next year.
We had a great time, as usual. Even if you you never buy a thing at the swap, just being there for the carnival atmosphere is entirely worth the entrance donation. Picture a hundred or more booths and tables, loaded with new and used parts and gear, bikes of every type every few steps........ messengers, mountain bikers, collectors, casual riders, the road racers, rasta dreaded counter-culture riders............ well you get the idea! This is a cross section of the entire Northwest cycling scene, and its way cool and FUN!

As usual, we showed up with empty hands and left with an armload of deals that we couldn't pass up. N8 ended up with a Bianchi road frame, I left with a new set of bars and some clothing, and Sweet Pea scored a trio of new pannier bags.

N8's frame was an absolute score, and a steal on the price............ and it sounds like he's already built it up!

I had been wanting a set of alt-mountain bike bars, like the type I had read a review on in Dirt-Rag Magazine awhile back. Just as we were taking the last loop through before leaving, I saw a pair! This pair of bars is already installed on the bike and they ROCK!!!!!
I don't think I'll be switching back to the old standards anytime soon...........
They were made by On-One of England. I've never heard of this company before, but they are definitely on my radar now! Can't wait to hit the trails and try them out properly.

Here's the link for the info page on these bars. You've just gotta' check these out!

Sweet Pea's pannier bags are something else as well. Two bags with dry-bag liners that are removable and a big shopping bag pannier that you can pop off of the bike and take into the store with you............ good stuff :)

Those are just the "high points"................. socks, socks, double-dinger-bell, shocks, jacket, brakes....... you get the idea :)

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Anonymous said...

Bike is looking sick, nice bar end plugs! The Bianchi is almost done, just need to track down a headset. Bike swap is too much fun.