Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bike Score!

The President's Day weekend was a good weekend for bike stuff...........
There was a posting on FreeCycle.org that from noon to 1pm, all the left-over's from a moving sale would be offered for free to whomever dropped by. The address was uptown and in "a good neighborhood", so I got there right at noon.
Bike-wise, I scored a brand new pair of women's Pear Izumi riding shoes and two boxes of back issues of Cycle Magazine, some Dirt Rag magazines, and a DVD on the
2000 Tour de France!
Then on Monday, we headed in to Silverdale to hit a couple of sales and to check out the Bremerton Goodwill to see what kind of holiday sale they were running............ Well I ended up with a brand new pair of mountain bike pedals with traps and straps, for 69 cents!!!

All that great stuff for less than a dollar!

This coming Saturday is our annual trip to the Seattle Bike Swap.......... can't wait to report on all the great deals we'll find there!

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