Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bronze, Bronze, Bronze

I stopped off at the local marine used and consignment shop down at the Boat Haven the other day to have a rummage through the piles of boat stuff , hoping to find a deck iron for the new Sardine wood stove. No success on the deck iron, but I did find the perfect piece of deck bronze to finish out the aft deck remodel. It's a very old deck fill plate that is unlike any I have ever run across. I'm guessing that it's a very old style that pre-dates the more usual "gas" and "diesel" labeled caps one normally sees. I asked the shop owner if he knew how old it was and he said that he didn't, but that it was "pretty old" and that he'd only seen a few of them. My guess is that it goes back to early 1900's, but that's only a guess. No maker's names or emblems anywhere on it.

This piece will be for the fuel filler and will nicely fit in with the bronze deck plate configuration that I've been envisioning. Here's a shot of the "Trio". The medium plate is for the emergency tiller.

Now I just have to build the deck!

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