Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Boat Stoves!

It's funny how the Law of Attraction works.............. Just this last week Sweet Pea and I really started getting the high vibrations going about finding just the perfect set of stoves for our boat. We were pretty specific......... I had been vibrating the want for a Dickinson Newport, wood burning, bulkhead stove to replace our Dickinson diesel heater, and vibrating for a new cast iron Navigator wood stove for the galley. Sweet Pea was even more specific on the galley stove. Her want was a brand new, never used, Navigator wood stove.............. well a few days ago I posted a Wanted ad on the Jefferson County Freecycle web message board requesting a cast iron galley stove and a bulkhead mounted wood stove (This is a Yahoo Group where you can post items that are free, no trading or selling). About twelve hours later, I had two messages in the in-box of my email. One was from a woman saying that she did not have a free stove, but she did have a brand new Navigator, cast iron, stove that she bought a few years ago at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, and then never installed in their boat. She offered it to me for about half the price of a new stove. The second email was from a guy who told me that he had just seen a Dickinson Newport, bulkhead stove, in a local antique mall (of all places!) . Well I dashed down to the antique mall when I got off work yesterday, found the stove, bought it and even got a 20% cash discount!. It looked like the stove had been burned a bit too hot and the main front door was warped a bit and the dampener was stuck. After a few hours of bending, adjusting and polishing, it was back to operational condition (with the exception of a door latch... missing... soon to be replaced). We will be meeting the woman with the Navigator stove on Sunday to purchase and pick it up. The Navigator stove is the Sardine model in plain black, cast iron.
We'll pull out our Dickinson Alaskan, diesel wall stove and the propane galley stove and put those up for sale. When all is said and done, the money we'll get from selling those two stoves should more than cover the cost of the two new stoves!
That's The Law of Attraction at work!

Here's the link to the Navigator Stove home page:
These are absolutely amazing and beautiful stoves. They were originally produced by the Lunenburg Foundry in Nova Scotia years and years ago for use in fishing boats. They were discontinued and the rights were recently obtained to start casting them again, by Navigator Stove up on Orcas Island. They also make some absolutely beautiful enameled stoves as well.................. be warned this website should have a "Stove Porn" rating of XXX !!!!!!!!

Here's a shot of the new Dickinson Newport, bulkhead mounted, solid fuel stove. Our new baby.


n4t3nate said...

Wicked stove, this is a major improvement to the boat's interior!

Tiny House Ontario said...

I am just stumbling into your blog for the first time. I wonder if you are happy with this stove?

I am thinking of ordering one for my Tiny House.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.