Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Playa Table!

Well, the first step in our quest for Playa Simplification has just occurred! Our new roll-up table is here! WooooHoooo! Life just got easier.

We had been toying with the idea of buying a lightweight alluminum, roll-up camp table for some time and we figured that with this year's goal of lightening the travel load and simplification, we might as well get in and find one. We did quite a bit of looking and settled on one sold by The Sportsman's Guide. It arrived today and right out of the box, first try, it went together in about 3 minutes. It's very well built, and very sturdy: 48" x 26" x 26" tall, 16 lbs. and it comes with a nice nylon carry bag. The box says that's it's the sturdiest aluminum, roll-up table on the market, and I believe them. This thing is well made. Since the table is quite lightweight, and the winds can get pretty fierce on the Playa, our plan is to set the table up when we're ready to cook and then break it down and pack it away when we're done. We have two smaller "end table" size aluminum folding tables that have served us very well, and now we've finally got the whole set!

I would highly recomend The Sportsman's Guide to anyone looking for great outdoor and surplus gear . They carry a very large line of close-outs at a fraction of the retail price. Great prices, fantastic service, reliable and a no questions return policy. Give 'em a try. Here's the link:

While you're checking out the web page, be sure to get on their mailing list. The military surplus catalog's pretty darn fun, even if you don't order anything!

Here's the table on it's maiden voyage out in the front yard.


kristensweetpea said...

Great table, definitely very sturdy, and a nice size.

Piper said...

Nice hat!