Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WW1 Tin Soldier, American Infantry "Doughboy"

Today I have an interesting piece of history to present............ a WW1 Tin Soldier.  Sweet Pea spotted this one in a box of junk at a yard sale............. yard sale pricing made the purchase all that more rewarding!

This particular soldier was most likely made after the war, no later than the 1930's.  It was intended to be part of a child's target game.  The tin soldiers were shot at with toy gun darts, and when they were knocked over, they showed the "score points" on the base.  If you look close on the face of this soldier, you can see the pock-mark of a "direct hit" with something harder than a dart...... maybe a BB.

Here is a photo gallery of our new "Doughboy"

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