Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bundesgrenzschutz-See Stoffabzeichen, Bundesgrenzschutz Shoulder Patch

 Today's posting is a quick show case of an often overlooked area of Bundesgrenzschutz uniforms, the Bundesgrenzschutz-See.  The Bundesgrenzschutz-See was a component of the German Coast Guard, or Küstenwache (They are still part of the Küstenwache, but they are now part of the Bundespolizei, and not called BGS-See any more).  The BGS-See patrolled the coast with large patrol boats and helicopters.  The old BGS-See is now part of the Bundespolizei Küstenwache and wears the patch with "Polizei" above the eagle....... no arch like the originals.

This first patch set was cut from an old BGS-See service shirt.  This patch set does a great job illustrating the color of the service shirts and the method of stitching on the patches.

The second patch set is a set that was removed from the BGS-See parka.  The arch patch is small and was sized to fit on the shoulder pocket flap.

To finish things up, here are a few BGS-See archive photos:

This patrol boat has the new hull color of the Bundespolizei, but still has "BG" on its hull, showing that it is still Bundesgrenzschutz...... from the "transition time".

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