Monday, May 16, 2011

Czechoslovakian M85 Combat Shirt, Czech Paratroop & Recon Jacket

Last week I stopped by our local Seattle Children's Hospital Thrift Store in Port Townsend while Sweet Pea was giving fiddle lessons at the house.  I found a beautiful Czechoslovakian Model 1985 combat jacket-shirt....... in unissued and brand new condition!  I paid a bit more for it than I normally would, but it was for a good cause and was way too cool to pass up!

The jacket is sewn out of heavy brownish-green canvas and includes the soft shoulder boards as well.  It is loaded with pockets........ two breast pockets, two rear pockets, a pocket on each shoulder and a double pocket inside the jacket, on the front.  Each outer pocket has a flap with two types of button closures.  As you can see in the photos, the flap can be buttoned with the single, middle bottom, and-or the two side buttons.  VERY secure!  There is also a mid-rib cinch cord made out of heavy elastic cord.

The jacket has two soft shoulder boards that slide of the shoulder straps and button in place.  They show the rank of a private.  The shoulder boards are fastened with plastic buttons that have the iconic, Czech military crossed sword device on them.

This style of Czech uniform was designed in 1985 while Czechoslovakia was still communist.  They were used until the revolution and break up in 1989.  This jacket shows the manufacture date of 1988, making this one of the last communist Czech uniforms produced.

This jacket will work perfect for wearing around town or even as a great townie-bike jacket!  The back pockets make it perfect for cycling around town!  It also has that great vintage Pacific Northwest look when worn with a Filson hat or Irish cap.  Here are some additional photos of the jacket:

Arm Pit vents
Inner Pockets

Here are a few historic photos of this jacket in use. I found that there are very few photos showing these jackets in use...... I guess they were only used for a few years, and by a very limited number of special troops.

Czech Special Forces Recon Troops
The soldier on the right is wearing a camo version of this jacket.

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Hello :) I´m from Czech rep., im keen in Czechoslovak peoples army (ČSLA)- paratroop forces, u have a lot happiness guy :), in Czech is this jacket almost unobtainable. Still get para 2-sides red/green beret and para trousers vz.85..)
The last photo with our soldiers, they´re wearing completely different uniform vz.95.
Sorry for my bad english...