Friday, May 6, 2011

Classic Cycle, Bainbridge Island, Washington

I had to head over to Bainbridge Island yesterday afternoon to pick up Sweet Pea at the Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry, so I took advantage of the trip to stop by the Classic Cycle bicycle shop and cycling museum in Winslow, almost across the street from the ferry terminal on Bainbridge Island.

If you ever get a chance to make it over to Bainbridge Island, this bike shop is a MUST SEE for all cyclists and non-cyclists alike.  The shop is well laid out, open feeling, with high walls.  It's these walls that provide the space to display many of the classic and famous bicycles in the collection.  Amazing and one of a kind bicycles with unique histories....... bicycles that were ridden by many of the very early racers and world record breakers over the last 125 years.  The collection is too vast to display all at one time, so every so often the bikes are rotated, with new bicycles going up and and the last displayed batch heading back to storage.  With over 200 bicycles in the collection, there's a lot to rotate and display!

As you walk through the shop, be sure to look in all the nooks and crannies....... there are photos, signed jerseys, cases filled with vintage parts, head badges, trophies, racing and cycling memorabilia.  Wonderful!

I would definitely classify this shop as a higher end shop.  You'll find all the "big player brands", like Colnago, right alongside Treks.................. and a fantastic array of cycling clothing, custom shop jerseys, mid to high end gear and bike parts of all types.

So, If your ever head over  to the Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry, be sure to stop in  for look at this hidden jewel of the cycling world.

Classic Cycles, Bainbridge Island

And now here's a virtual tour of the shop and some of the wonderful bicycles and mementos, brought to you courtesy of Classic Cycles and my digital camera....... enjoy!

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Brian said...

Wow what an amazing bike shop