Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bundesgrenzschutz Diensthemd langarm, Bundesgrenzschutz Service Shirt - long sleeved

Today's posting is on a Bundesgrenzschutz service shirt that I received form a veteran BGS officer in Berlin a couple of weeks ago.  The shirt is the type and color that was worn from about 1976 until the time the BGS was re-formed into the Bundespolizei in 2001.  The color is "bambus", or bamboo.

The patches on the shirt when I received it, were sewn on by hand as replacements to the originals.  The stitching was way too tight, causing the patches to bunch up and pucker the fabric.  They also did not match the original "stitch shadow" left by the original patches.  I removed the patches, repaired a couple of small nicks in the fabric where the original patches had been, and then re-sewed on the patches using a machine. 

I attached a set of BGS shoulder boards for the rank of  "Meister im BGS".  This the lowest of the Non-Commissioned officer ranks, or the approximate equivalent of a Petty Officer 3rd Class in the USCG.  This style and rank of shoulder board was instituted in 1976 when the uniforms in the BGS were also changed.  The boards are attached using a flat plastic button sewn to the pebbled metal button that is seen on the top of the board.  The boards have an attaching tab that slides through a sewn tube on the shoulder of the shirt that is for this purpose.

17mm Pebbled Buttons & Flat Plastic Buttons

Prior to 1976, the uniform shirts were a gray color.

And now to end the post in the usual style......... here are a few archive photos of these "bambus" colored shirts in use:

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