Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Bicycle Tools

On Saturday, Sweet Pea, the pugs, and I were out on a morning yard sale expedition in Port Townsend. We hit the best sale up in Uptown. I picked up a set of vintage bicycle tools for a buck! The fellow I bought them from said that they belonged to his grandfather and didn't know anything more about them.

The two combo-tools are forged from very heavy steel and are in like-new condition. They don't have any makers marks. There was also an open end box wrench with them forged from the same heavy steel as the combo-tools. This one is a 13/16 and 3/4 inch combo. The make is P&C Tools Milwaukie Oregon.

The P&C Tool Company operated out of Milwaukie, Oregon from the eraly 1920's and through the 1930's before being swallowed up by a bigger company. A Google search will give you a good history of the company if you're interested.

This afternoon I was doing an eBay search for Brooks Saddles and typed "Brooks Leather" into the search bar........ up popped a vintage Brooks Saddle bike tool kit with tools. The combo tool is exactly the same! Here's a picture from the listing:

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Sharky said...

As an update to this blog post.... The P&C wrench has found a new home with a dedicated collector of vintage P&C tools. It is great when a vintage tool or item is discovered and saved from ending up in the bottom of "Bubba's" tool box, rusting away.

Here's wishing all of you vintage tool collectors "Happy Hunting! and Good Luck!".