Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Bronze Day

Saturday was the big day.............. the bronze pour at the Lateral Line Foundry in Chimacum. Sweet Pea's bell casting was a "disaster" the first time around. This was round two. To cut to the chase, the pour was a SUCCESS! The bell turned out wonderfully this time. It was a full day at the foundry with two separate pours. Sweet Pea's was in the second one. We all had fun, had some good food, and enjoyed the drama and excitement of the event.

Here are a few pictures from the day. The guy in the
silver fire suit is me! I was the "fourth hand" and helped to steady the crucible as it was transferred from the fire to the pour cradle and then back afterward. You cans see Sweet Pea helping with setting the molds in the sand pit and then chipping the bell out of the plaster investment..........

With no further delay, and for your enjoyment, here are the pictures:

It's a bell!........... Well almost, now comes hours and hours and hours of cutting, filing, finishing, and detail work. Even with the sprues and vents still attached, it has a great ring!

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