Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Boat Cruise Of The Year

Well boating season must be here! I had the Bernadine out for an afternoon cruise to Port Townsend to fulfill a friend's birthday wish of a cruise along the waterfront. The weather was beautiful, clear and calm with temperatures hitting 60! An early summer!

Sweet Pea is selling her jewelry at the Rohdy Festival Art Show in Port Townsend all weekend, so I was the sole boat "crewman". I left Mystery Bay at 10 am enroute PT, and made it across the bay to pick up passengers at the marina at 11 am. We took an hour long cruise along the Water Street waterfront and then dropped everyone off and headed back across the bay. It was a great cruise home with the exception of looking down and seeing the fuel gauge on "E"!!!! It seems that my fuel guage is dead and that I actually didn't drain all the fuel from the tank :)

The wind came up and it took me a half dozen approaches to pick up the mooring buoy by myself (run the boat, drop into neutral,
dash through the foc'sle, up on the fore-deck, grab a boat hook and pennant line as we blew down and away from the buoy!). I finally managed to get things hooked up and then I put the Bernadine to bed and headed to the Art show.......

Here are a few "underway" pictures from the trip:

Approaching USN Indian Island ammunition depot

Looking across at the mill.

The Port Townsend waterfront

Back in Kilisuit Harbor

Looking aft

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