Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New BGS D-Ring Belt Loops

To finish up my BGS leather Y-Strap set up, I needed three D-ring belt loops. The going rate for "WW2 Replica" D-ring loops is about $10.00 each plus shipping........ (original BGS loops are often sold as WW2 Reproduction Loops)....... Since I have the technology and ability to do better, I did! I made up three loops with heavy, welded D-rings and rivets. I'll dye them black to finish up the look.

The original German leather gear is made up with natural leather first, then the outer portion is dyed by hand. This keeps the black dye from coming in contact with uniforms. Mine will be dyed the same. To finish out the "original" look of the D-ring loops, I stamped the backs with BGS and a date of 1954. That ought to cause some confusion for some collector some time down the road.

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