Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DIY Carbon Fiber Fender-Rock Guard

Every week at work, we toss out a couple of carbon fiber "doctor blades" at the mill that have been pulled off of the #1 paper machine. They are essentially an 18 foot wide, carbon fiber scraper that cleans the "stickies" off of the big paper machine press roll............... They are carbon fiber, did I mention that?
When they wear out, (as in dull a little bit), they are replaced and the old ones are snapped into 3-4 foot pieces and tossed out. Well, I've been collecting them for some time because, well, they're carbon fiber and free! I haven't really found a good use for them until today............ I fabricated a great rain fender - rock guard for the lower end of the down tube on my Giant Trance. It looks EXPENSIVE (did I say it's made of carbon fiber?) and should do a great job of keeping the train mud out of the front shock and pivots and should give some good bash guard protection from rocks as well.
And it looks cool and matches the carbon fiber brake levers and seat as well!

Anything is cool if it's made from carbon fiber :)

Here are a couple of shots of the new fender:

And here are a couple of gratuitous shots of my Trance:

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