Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Freak of Nature" or #%$@ Bike!?

While hanging out with Sweet Pea at her vendor's booth at the Rhody Festival Art Show last weekend, I couldn't help but notice a very "unique" bicycle go by.......... it was pushed by an older couple all decked out in matching riding kits. For those of you not-in-the-know, this bike is a Soft Ride (no longer made and for very good reason!). You can see the "spring board" set up for the rear riders position in the picture below. To make things even more of an oddity, the bike is a tandem. I will not pass any judgements or offer any opinions here other than to say that there is a reason you don't see these bikes cruising in any kind of numbers!

BIKE Magazine got a hold of a Soft Ride mountain bike over a year ago and dubbed it the "Shit Bike" and then circulated it around the pro-riders to ride and evaluate, and hopefully destroy...... Well, it held up to its title of "Shit Bike" and was unanimously agreed that it sucked and was unsafe! The staff of BIKE even lit it on fire and attempted to have it hurled through the air by trebuchet to destroy it and even that didn't work, so I guess it could be said that they are at least tough!

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