Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Klappspaten Shovel Carrier........... Hot Off The Press!

After checking out the original and reproduction Klappspaten leather carriers out there on the market, and then looking at the prices, I decided that I could turn out a better counterfeit myself. I did just that yesterday!

I used a very heavy grade of oiled leather, riveted with hand peened aluminum rivets and brass washers, and beveled edges on all of the finished cuts. I even stamped the back of the leather carrier with a WW2 date and manufacturer initials! I'll do some more work on distressing the leather, waxing the "fuzzy" leather edges & back to give it a more worn-in look, but it looks pretty darn good as-is.

Here is a picture of a field equipment set-up for the BGS from 1969. The shovel and carrier are the newer Bundeswehr style. In the early years of the BGS, as you may recall from some of my earlier posts, WW2 equipment was reissued for regular use. My WW2 shovel and carrier would fit this early period perfectly. (The picture also shows the newer style canteen...... same thing, my old style canteen would have been used).

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