Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vintage Horn.........New Outa' the Box!

There has been one item that has been missing from the pilot house cabin top all this time......... a proper horn! I have been searching for just the right one, one that fits the boat in style and is from the right time period. Well, I found it. Where? On eBay of course! I have made it a point to search for items on eBay in obscure places where sellers may have listed items incorrectly or under descriptions that have the item misspelled. I found this vintage boat horn listed in "Home & Gardening > Patio & Grilling > Grills & Accessories > Gas Grills". I found it using the brand name search of Perko! Well, as you can imagine, only one other person placed a bid, and it was low. I got it for a screaming bargain! The best thing about this horn is the fact that it is brand new, never used, right out of the box, and it's at least 60 years old, probably older! It is a 6 volt model with the old woven cloth covered wiring, so I will need to rewire the leads and and put in an in-line voltage reducer before we can actually use it............ small price to pay for such a fantastic piece! This horn is a match for the vintage New-In-Box spotlight that we bought last year. I can't wait to get all this stuff installed!

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DW said...

In the day when we updated old VWs from 6volt to 12 volt we used a cheep step-down resistor for the wiper motor. The old 6 volt starter worked so good it chewed up the flywheel and horn was loud enough to make you think a real car was coming.
A variable resistor could give you some real interesting sounds.