Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anchor and Campy and Lock, Oh My!

This last Saturday was the long anticipated Community Yard Sale out at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds! WooooHoooo! Lots of cool stuff, great deals and just a ton of fun. All of the fairgrounds buildings are opened up and filled with tables full of yard sale stuff, collectibles, junk, and what-not-what-have-you's. In short, Great Stuff!

Three of the treasures that I hauled home were a great old anchor, a bag of old bike parts, and a vintage padlock. We also scored a great old 1940's electric desk clock, a 1930's cast elephant on depression glass tray, a silver Egyptian scarab spoon, a 2 1/2 lb bronze cleat............ you get the idea!

I noticed an old nylon bicycle handlebar bag under a table that looked like it was full of "stuff". Closer inspection revealed 2 Campagnolo rear deraileurs, 2 Campagnolo down-tube shifters, some Campy cable routers, two sets of brakes, a Shimano Derailleur, four new-old Christophe leather toe straps and a new-old set of Christophe toe clips!!!!! Four dollars and it was "Mine, All-mine!". Great stuff!

The anchor is a small one, about 5 pounds. It's pretty unique and will end up as an anchor for the dinghy. It's old. Most likely pre-1950's, and I'm guessing 1940's on back a ways. I've never seen one exactly like it.

The lock is an old 'Independent Lock Company" lock with the original key. This will find it's way out to the boat as well. I love theses old locks. If you've got a hasp to lock, you might as well use a lock that looks like it came from the right time period.

We had a great time and now it'll be a whole year until the next one........... but until then, there's the Wooden Boat Foundation Marine Swap next month! Stay tuned...............

Just one more picture of those great Campy parts :)

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