Friday, March 7, 2008

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle!

I finally located a set of deck drains to use for the aft deck remodel. I searched and re-searched all of my sources locally and kept up the search for quite some time without success............. until I spotted these babies on ebay, of course! These came off of an old sailboat that was built in Germany and scrapped in New England. They're pretty unique and, I am guessing, quite old. The base of one is stamped "Hajo", which I am fairly certain is Hungarian. A Google search turns up "Hajo" as meaning boat or ship in Hungarian. That word doesn't seem to come back to any other language, so I'm going with Hungarian for the language on this one. Hungary would also fit for a sailboat built in Germany many years ago. Who knows for sure? At any rate, these are great. I'll install one on each side of the aft well deck and pipe them together in the bilge and then overboard through a through-hull fitting. This was the last bit I was missing for the deck project. Let the deck building begin!

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