Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two for One............untouched.

All of my want ads over the last couple of months have finally paid off! I got an email from a fellow up on Orcas Island in response to one of my "have one, need one" want ads for a bronze deck iron. He said that he had a 4" moat deck iron that he would sell me for $15.00, but I would also have to take a 5" bronze deck iron for free and pay the shipping.............. how could I say "No" to that !
Anyway, they showed up on the doorstep today. They are bronze! The 4" deck iron is in perfect shape, just needs a clean and polish. The 5" is a little tweaked on the edge and will also need a clean and polish. A little anvil and hammer work should straighten up the 5-incher just fine. The 4" iron will be for our new stove installation and the 5" will be for sale or trade, and should bring in enough to cover all the rest of the wood stove materials and pay back the cost for the 4" deck iron! The Law of Attraction and manifestation at work :)

The shot above is an "out of the box" before shot. I'll be cleaning and polishing this week...........

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