Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boatload of Bronze!

Every now and then we hit the mother lode of yard sales.. On Saturday, we hit that very vein of pay dirt!
We decided to go out and hit the local yard sales as the day was looking like it would turn out to be one of those wonderful Pacific Northwest Spring days where the sun actually shines! We hit a couple of sales here in town and then decided to head out to Maristone Island to hit one that opened at 10 am. The ad said that there would be "boat stuff" as well as the usual tidbits.
Well, we got there about 10 minutes after it opened, parked by the road side, and immediately noticed a woman walking out with an old fisherman's anchor and boat light in hand....... then another fellow walked out with some old bronze boat items! I could smell the old bronze in the air! We hopped out of the car and headed down the driveway...................... OLD boat stuff everywhere!
To make a long story short, we walked away with an entire milk crate full of old bronze fittings and pieces for "yard sale prices" :)
The guy who was selling all of this boat gear said that it had been stripped from a 35 foot sailboat that had been built in 1931, in England. This puts the majority of this bronze hoard in the same time period as the Bernadine!
I haven't really gone through all of it to make decisions on what stays, what goes, what will be installed, etc., but if you check out the picture, you can see for yourself, what we hauled home!

Stay tuned.....................

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